Commision, Promo, End of the World

So I started working on my Russian pop song cover.  I ran into a problem that I was trying to get some samples off the original song & I couldn’t get the file to open in my ancient Sound Forge.  It ends up the problem was the file title had non-recognizable characters.  Took me about 45 minutes to figure that out.  Anyway, I might try to do some stuff with adding vocals & such to it using my recently acquired from Hong Kong $2 USB microphone just because then I don’t need to turn on my music computer.

I talked to my son Andrew a bit today.  He’s throwing together a last minute tour because his Texas summer fell through.  I think his ability to throw a tour together somehow relates to how improvisational his music is compared to mine.  I like to have everything planned.  Even my most experimental & noisy & weird bits are controlled.  The only thing that makes that non-apparent is my lack of decent fine-motor skills.

Sent out more promo messages today.  I’m holding out a little while on the radio contacts & I haven’t done the webform contacts yet.  I have this idea that I’m not actually going to institute where I would only send out one promo per disc sold.  So if I only get 5 orders, there are only 5 promos going out.  That way I don’t feel like I’m losing so much & giving so much away.  Of course then I turn Silber into an even tinier label than it is, even if there is less money lost.  I’d rather Silber run properly & just die than bleed out slowly like it seems to be doing.

I was kinda looking forward to the world ending tonight, alas it didn’t seem to happen.  I guess there’s always December 21, 2012.  Hoping for giant ants to come down from the moon for it & I hope they come to party (which is a joke that would make more sense if you’d heard a remix I’m working on about party aliens).

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2 Responses to Commision, Promo, End of the World

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    are you doing a TATU song? I hope so.

  2. I don’t know who TATU is? The song I am doing is here – – they won’t let me embed it because you know how Russians hate music piracy.