Black Cat Moan & boring stuff.

So I got the wah pedal I was looking for.  It’s a Rocktron Black Cat Moan.  It sounds pretty nasty & I really like it a lot.

Still working on the promo for the new releases.  Did some more physical assembly for the Azalia Snail.

My grandmother woke up at 1am last night & didn’t want to go back to sleep & I missed a sleeping period & it made me pretty useless today.

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2 Responses to Black Cat Moan & boring stuff.

  1. Peter says:

    Glad you like your wah pedal. I was gonna lend you mine indefinitely.

    • Well, I tried a Crybaby (I think that’s what yours is) at the Bird Noise Studio & if I hadn’t also played with the Snarling Dogs pedal I probably wouldn’t have bothered getting a new wah. I actually have that Digitech one that has a switch that it can be a wah or volume pedal, but it crapped out sitting in the basement unused & it was always pretty crappy in a non-good way.