Comics, Apple Mead, & Dreams

I got a bunch of second drafts done on some comics & sent three scripts off to artists!  So it feels like I’m getting something happening.  I’ll try to get some more scripts written tomorrow.

Still not sure of the status of my laptop’s resurrection.  There are a few things I really need to try to get done & I’ll need to figure out how to rig something if it’s not coming back as I need to make some blurb stickers for sending out the new releases to stores & I don’t have the software to do it installed on this loaner computer.  Just wait & see on it I guess.

Made up a new batch of apple mead to brew using chopped up apples instead of apple juice.  I guess I’ll just wait a couple of weeks & see if it’s a success.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m looking at the wikipedia article for AC/DC & I find out they have a new album that came out on Tuesday.

I’m at a buddy’s house & I’m giving him my new phone number & the area code is 828 & I’m trying to remember when I moved back to the mountains.

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