Built, Babies, Irata

So my computer still is in purgatory.  I tried to do some work on this loner machine & it won’t let me edit & save a text file?  WTF?  & it won’t recognize my printer?  So I’m getting a bit behind on my work.  Hard to believe it’s only been dead a week.  The potential new machine is supposed to arrive Monday.  At which point it will take “a while” to get on the software I need for it to be useful to me.  So I’m still hoping to get my old machine back so that I can leisurely migrate to the new machine….

I wrote a first draft for a script of Built #2 today.  So a little something productive done.

Since I guess it’s big news about the hurricane here near me, it had no effect on me, it mainly effected folks a couple hours east of me.

I think that this week (or at least the past couple) there are some new citizens in the Silber empire.  New babies from Mike VanPortfleet/Tara VanFlower, Jamie Barnes/Kelsey Barnes, & Shaun Sandor/Magdalena Eftimova.  So yeah, kinda crazy that it’s all at once.

Saw Irata last night.  They’ve really stepped it up a notch in the past couple of months.  The funniest part of the night was probably me sitting in the baby seat in Jason’s truck for a ride to my car in the rain.  I’m kind of a skinny dude.

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