Cheers & Fears

Okay, so I was out of town for a week & a half going to a comic convention & visiting family.  Things went well at the con, I got in the spare time the previous week to have 5 new comics debut there. Not a lot of sales, but a lot of hanging out with friends & feeling like what I am doing is worth my time.

So before I left my computer had acted wonky.  I thought it maybe had a virus or something & had switched anti-virus software, but I was mainly worried about getting the comics ready.  When I got back home it wouldn’t boot properly & a little web-search told me the problems I had were the symptoms of a failing solid state drive. So today I went to the local place to get a new drive in the hopes to clone the old drive & get the machine going again & they didn’t have any SSDs that were over 40 gigs in stock, so I had to order one & I’m still in limbo as far as my ability to do anything because all the folks on the internet say the more you use an SSD with errors, the more corrupted files you’ll end up with.  So yeah, it sucks & my wife has been telling me for over a year that I really should get a new machine & learn some modern softwares to do the things I do & she’s probably right, but maybe with the new drive I can avoid that reality for a few more years, but it’s hard to want to change from softwares you’ve been using for 15 years & I hear that the programs I use that were designed for Windows 98 don’t work on modern machines.  If this had happened a few years ago when things were kinda on hiatus I would’ve unquestionably just let it all go & keep writing music & making comics & writing stories that no one would ever see, but as it is I feel the need to keep going as I feel like things are on an upswing for Silber for the first time in a while.

So anyway, that’s why there’s been delays on some of the expectant new releases & such.  Love you all for caring.

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