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So I’ve been working the past couple of days trying to figure out some things for the button manufacturing stuff.  After my first couple hundred buttons I am already starting to feel myself getting a little faster & better at it.  I did have a problem that I have previously had a complaint about my color laser printer not looking as sharp as it should.  I ended up getting it to look right by doing a print file command instead of printing from Photoshop, which makes no sense to me.  But it will improve some things from here on out with everything I work on in color, so that’s good.

All week I’ve been working on a song placement for Vlor on a TV show.  I’m not really allowed to say what it’s for as of yet, but I got some money upfront & will be getting some backend as well.  So I’m pretty excited.  It’s a new up & coming music supervisor so hopefully some more music will be getting used in the future as things go on & Silber will be making enough money off of music to stay afloat again (last year Silber stayed alive off of the mini-comic Kickstarters).

So the other day I mentioned my Cyberpunk Apocalypse: Artistic Evidence ebook.  Now I’ve got it up on Amazon.  I hope to eventually sell some there (even though it’s a higher price for a lower resolution copy than what I’m selling on Silber) from people just stumbling on it.  If you can click the link & click the “like button” to increase visibility I’d appreciate it.  We’ll see how it works out as ebooks are theoretically one of the things I want to do to generate a passive revenue stream for Silber this year.

Got some work done proof reading the interviews for the new QRD.  Should have it up by next week.  We’ll see what happens.

Last week Irata played a show.  Here’s some crappy video I shot of it.

Here’s a recording of Plumerai covering the Cure song “Cold.”

Last Night’s Dream:
I am in some abandoned building at a party with a bunch of my former co-workers.  Everybody’s getting high off of Robitussin & I’m trying to figure out if it’s really getting me intoxicated or just reminding me of being intoxicated because it’s so nauseating.  I go to a bathroom & there’s a girl passed out on the floor & another passed out in the bathtub.  I start throwing up & I throw up so hard that literal shit is coming out my mouth & I’m afraid I’m going to choke on it & the taste of it is making me throw up even harder.

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  1. Nick says:

    Write a song on Robitussin…