So I think the first draft of my dream diary book is completed.  I still need a title for it if anyone has any ideas.

Last Night’s Dreams:
Pope Francis steps down.  The new pope is Charles Brown from Ireland.  I hope he has a big yellow hat with a jagged black stripe.

I’m swimming in the ocean & I overhear a guy who thinks he’s hot shit saying there’s good surfing in the great lakes & it’s hard not to laugh.  A big wave comes in & it catches me rather than me catching it & I land on the shore amongst people on their towels.  I see a shadow to my left & turn to see a sea turtle in the air that was cast out of the ocean landing a few inches from me.  It’s a small one that probably only ways 500 pounds.  It looks older & more alien in person than I would’ve thought.  The dry sand is coating its body making it look even older.  I want to help it, but I have no idea how.

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One Response to Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    funny about your dream cuz when i was in HS in D-land, some new kid bragged about being a surfer, even had the frosty dumb hair and then we find out he’s from michigan. maybe you dreamt of him.