Boosts & Blasts

So I got the second batch of follow-up for the Moodring done today.  I really wanted to do it yesterday.  For those of you who might one day run promo, I find the six day contact cycle works better than strictly weekly, because some people are more available on particular days & this way you hit everyone on their most available day at least  once in the follow-up process.

Sent out my blast to record stores about the upcoming releases.  About a fourth of the emails had gone bad.  Hopefully they just changed their addresses & are still in business.

Tomorrow should be the end of the three weeks of blasting to potential new Moodring fans.  It’s interesting that I get 5-10 thank you messages from new Moodring fans a day, but no sales boost.

Talked with Sarah June about how to arrange career ideas to actually make money.  Will our ideas work?  Who knows….

I’m already running into problems with illegal downloads of the new releases.  I’m still not sure what to do to combat this.  Does anyone know what’s going on in that regard in Japan?  It seems they’re always a little ahead in technology, so maybe the Japanese labels have something figured out with how to stay in business.

Worked some more on Lost Kisses 12, running into problems making the dialog as accurate as I’d like.  I guess I just need to get the first draft done & worry about the details in later drafts.

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