Begging (Free MP3 player?) & Business Models

Gotten a lot done in the past couple days.  Sent out the email blasts to DJs (those I currently have in my data base, still working on growing that list).  Sent out the email blast to people who do direct orders about the new stuff available. (Something I think I’ve only done once before, but probably should do every time there’s a release, but it feels a little like begging. I’ve never followed the pusher business model, just a supplier business model.  I don’t want to push music on to people; I want them to natural be attracted to a superior product at an incredibly reasonable price.  But maybe my business model from when I was in middle school doesn’t translate to the digital age.)  Answered a crap ton of emails from various promo folks.

As per the last blog post about illegal downloads, some folks have emailed me suggesting I offer people an opportunity to pay for stuff from the “free” catalog & just make it easier for people to pay for stuff they obtain in channels where Silber doesn’t get paid (used discs, promos, downloads, whatever).  So I added buttons to do that on a bunch of pages.  I guess it will be interesting to see if it really does result in income.  It’s also interesting for that matter how some of the free download things have thousands of downloads while others only get a hundred or so.  I really don’t know exactly how the world works.

While going through & adding those buttons I went through a lot of abandoned portions of the website.  There was a page from 2004 that was built around links to iTunes & things like that.  There was a contact page that I was never able to figure out how to get the form to work.  Of course various old sale pages.  It’s funny to see how out of date certain things are.  But I guess that whenever I go to other labels’ websites they are even worse.

I got in the artwork from Kimberlee Traub for Worms #5.  So I am really getting behind on the comic book work.  I need to still lay out Just A Man #3, Marked #1, & Ultimate Lost Kisses #11.

Hopefully this week will find me catching up on a lot of things, but it’s hard to say exactly what will happen.

Next Saturday I’m going to be at a local label fair & I need to get ready for that.  I was thinking about getting an MP3 player (I don’t own one) & loading the Silber catalog in it for a listening station.  Anyone have an old one they are interested in sending me for free?  Like one that’s 500MB or something & runs on AA batteries would be ideal.

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