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So I’m starting to get a little more excited about the upcoming Silber 15 Anniversary show.  I’m thinking about buying a home brewing beer kit so I can afford to give the bands their drinks easier.  I also looked into the bottle opener keychains again, but they end up costing about $0.85 with the setup fee to get the logo on the kind I like & the minimum order is 300!  $250 sounds like a lot these days.

I ended up ordering a power cable for my keyboard (from yesterday’s post) from Music 123.  I got an email two hours later saying it had already shipped!  I’ve only ordered from the place once or twice before, but I feel like I should check them out more often.  Maybe you should too?

How do I know the Sarah June free release is a hit?  I don’t care how many downloads it gets, somebody donated money after downloading it!

I talked to Nick Marino today a bit about downloadable comics & web-comics & such.  Still a bit of a mystery who reads them & what format & how to “monetize” of course.  But we’ll see what happens.  He was talking about download cards & my theory with download cards (for both music & comics) is that people either want a physical collectible object or just a download & so the download cards really don’t work that well.  What I do think could work well for comics as a digital sale is CDs of comics that are now in the public domain.  I’ve bought a few of these because they are cool & cheap.  50 golden age comics on disc for $4 (currently the price of most single issue mainstream comics).

In a similar vein Nathan Amundson (Rivulets) is doing a special tour only disc that collects demos of songs that aren’t going to be on the next album.  I think it’s a good way to go.  I think another good way to go is people doing more documentary stuff in the studio (I know I feel like I should’ve done that & maybe I would’ve if I was a little more tech savvy) & having that available as a tour only thing because it seems impossible to distribute video stuff.

I sent out my questions for the comic book issue of QRD.  We’ll see how many responses I get.  I think it went out to about 120 people.

I also started sending out the Silber newsletter today.  Went out to the first 1000 (email limits) & I’ll get the rest out in the next few days along with the ones to the press folks about the Clang Quartet & Sarah June EPs.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m working at the mall (or maybe living there, it seems to vary by portion of the dream) & I’m with Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) trying to find some girl’s lost dog.  I think I’ve found it when I find a greyhound & Brian tells me that looks nothing like the dog we’re looking for, that we’re looking for a white Bolognese & I say, “They all look the same to me.”

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