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So the big news is this new free EP from Sarah June.

Sarah June: Beneath Black Robes
Beneath Black Robes
MP3 EP 2011 | Silber 092
12 tracks, 31 minutesdownload zip file from Silber

A collection of trip hop & shoegaze remixes of Sarah June songs.

: Press release
: Digital booklet

Track Listing:













I did a bunch of research for bloggers to add to the promo list today after reading an article about the future of blogs doing faster but crappier reviews (which sounds awesome, right?).

I’ve been having some conversations with people a lot lately about Silber in particular seeming to have stalled out a bit in orders & traffic over the past six months.  I really do think it has to do with how much I relied on MySpace & that at least for me there has yet to be any viable alternative for a replacement.  It really was my way to stay in touch with fans & while I know that the hardcore fans still view this blog, I’m nowhere near the 300 blog views a day from a year & a half ago.  So I like to think that *if* I can find a way to connect to the 25,000 casual Silber fans on a regular basis things will boost back up to normal.  I guess it’s just a wait & see game.

I was going to work on my 4.5 hour drone again tonight as I had some ideas for it that would use my old Roland sampler that I haven’t used since 2001.  I didn’t have the power cord for it & it takes a more or less proprietary one.  I guess I need to order a replacement.  I have to wonder what happened to the power cord.  I looked for it for about 30 minutes.  I guess I’ll do one last look around before ordering another.  Hard to imagine throwing it away with all the crazy musical crap I keep.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m at a party hanging out with a girl who tells me her favorite thing to do in her spare time is play the original Resident Evil for Playstation.  I remember vaguely from trying to play it for fifteen minutes that the controls were incredibly clumsy & tedious & I think to myself, “This girl must be high maintenance.”

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