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I made some beats for my hypothetical doom band.  Called up the bass player about trying to make it actually happen.  We’ll see what’s up with it.  I may end up being the only member of yet another band….

Started assembling a bunch of mini-comics for the exhibition in two weeks.  Going to need to work on my display a bit more so it can hold all the comics.  Also of course actually working on some more comics….

Still researching some bloggers, trying to make it through one letter a day….

MTV just put a bunch of their old Liquid Television content online.  Here’s one of the shorts that really stuck with me:


Last Night’s Dreams:
I’ve built a studio in the basement & my brother tells me that modern keys & locks break too easily & I should get ones re-tooled from 1960s locks.

There’s a plague that’s broken out in Los Angeles & one of the symptoms is a full body purple rash that looks like a tribal tattoo.  I’m at a party & it seems everyone has the rash & are getting as drunk as possible & fucking.  The government is set for a nuclear strike at 7am.  I somehow manage to finagle a ride on a small prop plane with five strangers to escape the city.  We’re flying to the south along the ocean & larger aircraft trying to escape are being shot down so we’re flying only a few feet from the ground.  The ocean is washing back in the fuselage from the shot down aircraft.  The sun is starting to come up, I don’t know if we’re going to be far enough out to survive or not.

I’m hanging out with Sarah June & we’re making tassels by hand for on the fringe of a dress.  Just sitting around tying hundreds of knots.

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