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Okay, so I made it back from tour & my vacation from the internet.  It was a good break from my life & I’m hoping it will rejuvenate me & inspire me to make more content on a regular basis.  I did get some work on some comic stuff done, though it’s not scanned in as of yet.

So Northern Valentine is trying out Kickstarter for working on their new album.  So if you are interested in their new album happening, why not see about putting some money down.

Here’s an Origami Arktika video that Tore just sent me the link to.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m recording a guitar riff & the D string breaks & rather than knocking the whole guitar out of tune it gives the effect of the guitar just being tuned up a fifth higher because of the extra tension on the remaining strings.

I’m in Louisville having dinner in a Thai restaurant with Jamie Barnes & by the cash register they have a bin of CDs for sale at $2 a pop & I find the two disc version of Hefner’s Breaking God’s Heart.

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