Plumerai & Epiphanies

So Plumerai has a new EP available for a name your own price thing over here. Below is a video of them printing up the covers for the physical version.

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve not been on the internet & it’s given me more time to think about things.  Over the past three months since my grandmother died I’ve been trying to figure things out for what I want to do now that I have an opportunity & the break has helped me realize even more that the thing I want to do is to create content (art, stories, comics, music, interviews, etc.) & that spending time on the internet trying to figure out how to push my content is a waste of time compared to actually making content.  Especially given the problems with not making money to buy burritos doing it anymore.  So anyway, it will probably end up resulting in some major changes in the blog as far as it being less oriented towards talking daily about various business things & more of “here’s a drawing I did today” or something like that.

I have a Remora show tonight in Wilmington, NC & one Friday in Myrtle Beach.  The Wilminton is going to be a droney one & I bought some harmonicas to give out to the audience for participation.  Friday I am undecided on as of yet.  It might be a three piece (guitar, bass, drums) or it might be the same set as tonight, I guess it depends how the show goes tonight.

Still no news on another label being interested in putting out the new Remora disc.  Of the seven I contacted, two wrote me back saying no.  So it is looking like it will come out on Silber eventually in the end.

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2 Responses to Plumerai & Epiphanies

  1. N. says:

    Hey Brian, last week I discovered the existence of an interesting little label: Rusted Rail.
    They have just released the latest Songs of Green Pheasant’s album in a hand-assembled/hand-stamped card sleeve which I ordered directly form them – by the way, this is how I found out about the label…

    I thought that perhaps you might want to contact them…

    info (at)
    or better to use: rustedrail (at)

  2. N. says:

    Ehm… I think I should have written the email addresses like this: rustedrail [at]… Unfortunately I cannot edit my comments…