Azalia Snail, Electric Bird Noise, Peter Aldrich, Dreams

Did some more work today on the Azalia Snail & Electric Bird Noise releases.  Wrote up the blurb stickers for the copies going to stores, contacted a bunch of radio stations, started prepping the copies going out to stores, sent videos to video blogs.  Things are starting to roll with those.  Just time to start crossing fingers sales wise.

I was talking to Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) today about how it seems like since 2008 politics seem hipper than music.  I know it seems like I see more political than music posts on Facebook & that’s kinda weird to me.

Peter Aldrich stopped by Silber HQ to borrow an amp.  So it seems like he’s going to be doing a little bit more music sooner rather than later.

Last Night’s Dreams
My niece & nephew are staying over & they keep waking me up making noise.  They finally lay down ready to sleep when it’ time to get them in the car for our trip & I wake them up saying, “Sorry mother fuckers, it’s time to go.”

I have my body covered in the gelatin that gummi bears are made of forming an inch thick coating around my clothes.  I’m at the beach with my girlfriend & we’re about to have sex under a pier when I realize I want to break up with her & tell her so & start to walk away.  She starts yelling, “I’m an hour & a half, not fifteen minutes!” & is hitting me & I can’t out run her because of the gummi suit.

I’m setting up a table for a mini-comic convention is Savannah & Silber intern Bill Pernell shows up having driven up from Florida & is wearing the same clothes he has on in his Silber staff photo.

I’m on tour as a three piece band & we have three separate hotel rooms so that we can have time away from each other.  I lose my key & my wallet is in my room so I don’t know how to get back in the room as the desk won’t give me a key without an ID, so I sleep leaning against my door.  I wake up in the morning & there’s a bunch of cops around because a ton of people were robbed last night on the other side of the hallway in which I was sleeping.

For some reason I’m in Dayton & Jason Young (Veggie Dog Saturn) got me a temp job working at Mavericks (the comic shop where he works).  Either he doesn’t trust me or really loves the shop because he’s there on his day off hanging out at the gamers’ table.

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3 Responses to Azalia Snail, Electric Bird Noise, Peter Aldrich, Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    kids figured out politics create conversations and music creates a void.

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    also i think your 2008 timestamp is incorrect as it started much earlier.

  3. 2008 is when I got laid-off from the airport so getting the extra free time probably helped me notice as I hadn’t really had much free time since my grandma moved in back in 2002.