ATCs, Octave Pedals, & the rest of the day.

Just catching up on some follow-up stuff on the emails to digital reviewers.

My goal for the next couple days is fixing up the SPACE anthology stuff.  I told Bob Corby I’d have the cover done for tomorrow for promotional use.

Got another batch of contributions for the Silber Artists’ Trading Cards Project.  Hoping to get some contributions from some of you regular readers.

I read this book about recording & the music industry today (it was a hundred pager & not really too revealing).  The best quote was they asked some girl that went from MySpace to major label about the secret to being successful on MySpace & she said: “Making good music & making music people like.”  I can see myself one day making good music, but making music people like sounds a bit trickier.  Time for some block rocking beats & auto-tune!

I got my annual payment from the digital aggregator I use for the free releases & a few others in the back catalog (they take a bigger cut, but a smaller upfront fee than the other folks I use).  It’s nice to start the first quarter of 2010 with a payment boost.

I’m looking for a polyphonic octave pedal for use with non-noise driven guitar (meaning I want it to sound good & not have latency issues).  I see that Behringer has one for $40 (SO 400), Boss for $120 (OC 3), & Electroharmonix (POG/Micro POG/POG 2) for $250.  It seems like most people recommend the EH, but a quick poll of people I know that have used EH pedals (me, Nic Slaton (slicnaton), Chris Olley (Twelve/Six by Seven), & Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise, SAVAS)) reveals they have quite a good record for crapping out.  So anyone have any experiences with any of these things?  Octave pedals I’ve not been pleased with have never been polyphonic.  For those not knowing what I’m talking about (that want to know), polyphonic means it can handle multiple notes coming in at the same time.  I don’t know, maybe I just need an EQ pedal instead as I’m using it for one side of my split signal that I bring back together.  There was a time when I did a tour with Rollerball where I had one side of my rig going into a bass amp & the other side going into a guitar amp rather than recombining them & maybe that would be the best solution.  But I think at that point I need a roadie.  Who wants to carry an extra amp around?

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