Article, QRD, Grooveshark, Complaint about Humans

So my article that got rejected by Suite101 got picked up from Music Think Tank to Hypebot.  WTF?  Maybe one day I will make money writing.

Sent out a bunch of reminders to bass players trying to get the next QRD up to speed.

Put up some music on Grooveshark (Remora, Aarktica, Sarah June).  Not sure how many people use that service.  But it seems cool.

Got an order out to a distro.

Not as much done today as I’d hoped.  Much like everyday I suppose.  But for some reason my mind feels more like it’s melting today than usual.  When I see people lying over totally stupid things & then not admitting they are lying when confronted & then a third person saying that I am making up the story about the first person ever having said the stuff?  I don’t get it.  Makes me feel like I should interact with even less humans than I currently do.  Which would basically bring things down to me & my Grandmother….

Maybe I’ll get some things done in the time before sleep.

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