A bunch of little things & Dreams

I got all the files for the comp made into ringtones.  It took a lot longer than anticipated.  Only takes a couple minutes per song, but there are 46 songs.  So now I’ll be working on the next stage of getting the comp ready.  So just another day or two to wait on that.

I listened to The Sisters of Mercy for the first time in probably about ten years today.  The song “Alice” was much better than I remembered it.  Anyway, I’m thinking about starting a blog where people review things they liked (or disliked) from five or more years ago & are revisiting.  Hopefully I’d be one of many contributors.  Anyone have suggestions for a free webhost that would allow multiple administrators & such?

I think I finished up my questions for the label owner series for QRD.  I need to go ahead & shoot them out I suppose.

Wrote a script for a new comic (I think it’s a one off that will interact with a series of other one offs) titled Pow Wow.

Last Night’s Dreams (why do they seem to come in bursts?)
There’s a drought & there’s about to be a flood.  I’m sitting in the hall of a house with blue carpeting waiting for the house to be destroyed & everything about me ever to be washed away.

I’m an elephant park & a rainstorm starts.  What do elephants do in the rain?

I get a phone call from a guy I barely know.  He’s really excited about Thounds & wants me to work on something with him.  I’m pacing around the house like I always do when I’m on the phone & I notice the front door is ajar.  Then I notice my amp is missing.  I go outside & there’s a blue & white van with dudes putting my shit in it & I start running out to beat the shit of them in my bare feet, but they see me & take off.  So much for my musical career.

I’m at some kind of family dinner & my biological father Bryce is there & so is my cousin Chris who might be the most talented musician in the family.  I’m talking to Bryce about if there’s a way to get ink stains out of a shirt that’s been through the dryer besides scissors when my mother calls Bryce into the kitchen to look for a swizel stick that Chris needs for making some convoluted mixed drink.

I’m at a church service where it’s very crowded, which always amplifies my personal solitude.  I look to my left & in another set of pews I see my brother & his fiance.  Somehow this manages to make me feel even more alone.

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