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Most of the Silber work for the past couple of days has been writing letters & stuffing envelopes to get the rest of the Aaarktica/Vlor promos out.  I really need to leave more time between releases.  I think it was six weeks on this batch.  I think nine weeks would probably be ideal for me to acutally be able to do it without feeling like one is neglected for the other.  So that would put Silber’s ideal release schedule at ten “major” releases a year.  We’ll see what happens.

So everyone I talk to lately seems to be more & more of the idea that they do music because they have no choice & they can’t even think about money with it or they’ll go crazy.   They just are living on hope a bit.  I need to start doing the same thing.  Of course it’s a little hard to make that idea idea fit into a professional business model.

I’ve started the MySpace campaign for Aarktica & of course some of the folks being contacted were already “friends” of Aarktica on MySpace.  Which makes me confused by those people thanking me for introducing them to a great band.  I don’t really understand how people use social networking I suppose.  I mean, I know I accept everyone’s friendship at Silber & have no idea who 95% of the people are who are listed as my friends (but I do know they aren’t people who don’t buy Silber releases (insert smiley face?)), but Aarktica doesn’t have that huge of a difference between sales numbers & friend numbers for people to not be aware of the music.  Then again I guess Vlor is friends with candle stores & who knows how that mix comes up.

I ran out of toner in my printer & I found a place to order toner to refill the cartridge myself.  So I might destroy my printer & need a new one soon as I hear it can be a pretty big mess.  But it could theoretically save me $300 or so a year, so it seems like a reasonable risk.

Alright, about 60 emails to answer, talk to you tomorrow.

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