All These Things

Lately for me life is hard & good.  Too much work to do & not enough time is frustrating, but at least it keeps me from falling in with my demons.  Sometimes I see friends with the same demons in a place in life where they are sinking & usually I don’t have the strength to pull them out & keep them from drowning for fear of drowning myself.  I think because my life seems in a good & stable place (married with a kid & all that) people assume that it’s easier to not hear something calling you to destroy yourself.  It’s there every single day for me.  Lately I’ve been writing comic scripts about it that I don’t even send to the guy who says he would love to draw any comic I write, just leave them in my memo pad & eventually put it with the other 9 memo pads of things I’ve never bothered to bring to fruition.  It’s all good.  Once it’s on the paper it all bugs me a little less & I’m a little more able to appreciate the sun shining & that there are people in the world that think it’s a better place for me being in it.

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