Ads, Fevers

Still continuing the MySpace messaging campaign for Aarktica & Jon said he’s gotten a spike in interest from it.  So that’s nice.  I feel like I’m doing something right.

Unfortunately Jon also told me about some places illegally distributing the new album again, which I suppose can’t really be a surprise.  I went through Google to try to find some & a couple of hours generated a few live links, but mainly links to the ones deleted a couple weeks ago.  One of the new links had been downloaded 2500 times.  WTF?  Are they listening to the music?  I swear I should start leaking albums myself with me talking in the middle of each track about why downloading is causing the death of the professional musician & will result in less music with artistic merit.

I made a little MySpace Ad for the Vlor record.  So if you see it in a banner, don’t click on it because that shit costs me $0.08 & I’m not made of money.  But if you’re going to buy something, then it is cool to click on it.

I’m not sure what else I did today, my mind seems a little fuzzy & I think I have a fever.

Starting working on the artwork for Sarah June‘s new record.

Do you think that it’s unprofessional to tell bands that want to send demos to Silber that I can’t be certain Silber can continue with the current income to cost ratio?

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