fighting the man

Running behind on work because of life getting in the way, but still trying to get caught up.

Did some more layout work for the new batch of comics.  Hopefully I’ll start being able to assemble them fairly quickly.

Running an ad on MySpace is a lot funkier than it should be.  They keep asking me to re-write my ad because it isn’t getting enough clicks.  They’ll let it run for a few thousand impressions & of course it doesn’t get any clicks (because who even sees a banner ad these days?) & they see they’re pulling it because it’s ineffective.  Still it feels like 10,000 impressions is possibly worth $0.18, right?

I’m trying to get a couple quotes for getting a digipak made & it kinda irks me when some place doesn’t write me with a quote the same business day.  It makes me feel like they’re unprofessional….

Found a walkman I’d bought a few years ago to try to make into a tape violin & I think I might do that in time for the SLF shows.  It’s taken me a little bit to come up with a satisfying way to do it.

I also found a really crap little electronic kids instrument I had from when I was a child.  It shoots out sine wave tones & uses essentially a Kaos pad control.  I might try to get an extra one to see about adding a quarter inch jack as I’d hate to destroy the possible only one in existence.

Talked to the electronic music director at WBGU about the state of the industry.  It’s kinda strange to me the increase in age over the past few years of people associated with college radio.  It seems like more & more stations have gone from student run to alumni run with staff in their late-20s/early-30s.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.  On the one hand it makes them easier for me to relate to, on the other hand it doesn’t help me to get in touch with what is going on with young music fans.  Of course the whole thing implies that young music fans have no interest in college radio & I think that might actually be the case.

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