a goodish day

So yesterday I downloaded the templates for designing my DVD & they had Pagemaker templates & I was excited because that’s my favorite program (& debatably the best) to work in despite not being generally used anymore.  I emailed them today about it & they said they accept Pagemaker files, but usually the images shift & text flow is altered because they open the files with InDesign.  I ran into this problem on Vlor’s A Fire Is Meant For Burning & the text is kinda screwy, but probably only I notice.  So I guess I still need to down the line learn how to be competent with InDesign or something.

Worked on the layout for the printable versions of Lost Kisses #7 & #8 & Worms #3.  Gotta write the press release for it still & then I can mail those out soon enough.

Vlor’s track “Watch Me Bleed” was accepted for the Darla distro sampler.  James said, “I had no idea Vlor was so good.”  So it’s nice when a distro might be excited about an upcoming release.

Northern Valentine has been nominated for “Band of the Month” for April by Deli Magazine. Take a second (literally… a second) to stop by their website and click on the little box on the right of the page to vote for them. If they get enough nominations, they’ll get a write up in their blog & a banner on their site, which would help them get the word out about the music.

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