Tours are for Touring

So the show Friday with the full band line up went as acceptable.  I might have been a little off on the idea that we shouldn’t practice.  I was at least off on the idea of not discussing what we were going to play until two minutes before the show started.

Last night’s show was funny.  Two of the three local bands canceled & I think they probably promoted their cancellations as much as they would have the show as their weren’t too many folks there.

The meeting about the public access show was interesting.  I’m still not sure about a lot of things on it.  It seems like the easiest thing might be to not use their studio & just upload the material; but in that case where do we shoot the material?   It’s hard to figure out exactly what’s up on it & what to do.  It’s a long form process.

I guess that’s about it for the moment.

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