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So this morning I found out several of the videos I have up on YouTube have warning flags put on them as third party content.  Of course they’re things like the Vlor video (which makes sense as that song is supposed to now be getting paid per play on YouTube via the Rumblefish service) & oddly the recent live Bryce Eiman video.  So I guess in the next few days we’ll see if they kill my account & all the content.  It’s funny to me that on a site like YouTube where at least half the content is quasi-copyright infringing third party content that they would end up going after someone like me who has essentially no fans compared to the folks who put up Radiohead videos or whatever.  I remember hearing a couple stories a few months ago about artists getting there YouTube accounts closed for putting up their own material.  I guess it’ll just be another one of those things to bring me back around to the idea of not bothering to have any content anywhere besides the Silber site.

I also got an email saying a bunch of the affiliate advertisers I have for QRD are pulling out.  Which I assume means NC is trying to change some tax laws again to make it non-lucrative to work with people in the state.  Which means needing to change a bunch of code, which is kind of a pain in the ass.  But to offset this, I’ll offer you a crazy deal.  Advertise on more or less every page of the QRD site with a 1 in 10 impression for just $50.  The ad will be permanent.  Not valid for future issues.

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