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I meant to post about this yesterday.  Saturday I went to a music store to check out the Electroharmonix Holy Grail Reverb.  I don’t know if they are all a piece of trash, but the one set up to test certainly was (turn the knob up & it just produces a feedback tone whether your guitar volume is down or not, the volume of the tone directly related to the amount of effected signal).  Doesn’t give me too much confidence in it, especially since my Bass Balls was an exclusive to my house & never part of my live rig & it crapped out on me.

Built some boxes for holding my mini-comics today as they were totally chaotic for keeping track of to sell.

Filled some orders today & had to print up some more catalogs.  I’m not really sure if they work for boosting repeat sales as I planned.  Of course I guess the economy is a little questionable as a couple of my friends have been laid off in the past week.  Sounds like a perfect time to start a brewery.  Does anyone know if it’s true that home-brewing makes your house really stinky?

Gotta work on getting things finished for the Christmas comp today.  Need to convert everything to MP3 & finish the art.

So I have a couple little art projects here at Silber involving things you might otherwise just throw away.

(1) I’m looking for some digital cameras. So if you’ve recently upgraded & have one that functions & would otherwise throw away, why not mail it to me? The ability to shoot short video clips & having a display screen on the back & functioning in windows xp are kind of integral.

(2) I’m looking for 3.5 inch action figures. I need ones with screws in their backs (not rivets & not glued torsos). I believe GI Joes & Micronauts were both made this way. Broken arms or whatever are potentially fine as I may need to do a bit of mixing & matching. If participating in this project & you want one of the final product, please include $1 for return shipping.

Brian John Mitchell
Silber Records
PO Box 18062
Raleigh, NC 27619

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