working on things or at least pretending to

Finished up the print layout for Worms #4.  Pretty soon I’ll have to print out everything for the promo batch.  I need to make the press release for them.  Which also means writing new scripts for the next set so they aren’t too incredibly late (though I actually did what is probably the last bit of editing to the Just A Man #2 script today).

Did some more work towards making the move for more film placement stuff & handed it off to an intern.  It’s nice to be able to multi-task by handing stuff over to interns.

I’m going to need to start trying to do some stuff to promote the PD Wilder/Sarah June tour.  It’s sneaking up on me & I want it to be a good enough experience that it’s not a one time tour for Sarah June.

Need to do some finalizing work on fixing some QRD stuff with the links to the new articles in past articles (something I occasionally forget to do).

I spent a lot of the day incorporating some work from interns on my promo list.

I don’t know how much I’ve been updating it, but the Aarktica disc is supposed to be going on to mastering at the end of this coming week.

I’m listening to some EBM/IDM on the radio right now & I have to wonder how these singers can take themselves seriously.  I guess maybe they’re just playing characters when they sing the cornball stuff.  I guess who am I to talk since I did an album about the parallels between an ex-girlfriend & an alien invasion apocalypse.

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