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I think I successfully transferred some video to my computer from my camera.  I feel like a success as a human being now.

Northern Valentine just had their baby.  Go congratulate them.

I think I might be getting slower & more meticulous about mastering records.  Not sure if that’s good or bad.  Especially when I’m starting to see people offer to master individual songs for $20!  I wonder if they even proof their work at all at that price!

So I mentioned a while back that I got the Green Stinger ring modulator pedal.  I’d tried to get one back in 1996 from Daddy’s Junky Music, but they’d sold out.  The guy I usually worked with for orders there (I think his name was Hirsch Gardner) assured me that they were crap & I didn’t really want one anyway.  After trying it out, I think he’s pretty right.  It sounds like my Walco (vintage from Woolworth in the 1960s) distortion pedal did before it broke.  It makes things sound cheap.  I think this is probably the least liked piece of musical equipment since I bought the Guyaton SV2 slow volume pedal.  But the two Rocktech pedals I got are okay.  The Heart Attack envelope filter is as touchy & wonky as a lot of envelope filters are & I’d say superior to the Bass Balls based on the fact that my Bass Balls broke without ever having made it on tour, but I probably still prefer the Ashdown Envelope Filter because it has more knobs to control the sound with.  The Cyborg Reverb is pretty good to me; though I think I’m basically going to use it just as one particular setting rather than modeling, just the last setting with everything turned all the way up.  It looks like a cheap piece of plastic, but is actually made out of metal.  I need to look at redesigning my pedal board layout to use it replace the nanoverb.

I saw a steam punk computer mod I can actually do.  (1) Buy an external hard drive.  (2) Buy an old hard cover book.  (3) Cut out pages of book to fit in hard drive.  (4) Put hard drive in book.  (5) You now have a hard drive that looks like an old book. Have wordpress accessibility on your site and youre all set!

I finished doing my taxes.  Nice to get that done & have one less thing to be stressed out about.

I guess I have space for a bunch more songs here on MySpace since they upped the limits.  Anyone have any suggestions in particular from the Silber catalog?

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