Things Are Happening

Hope you are all doing well.  Been working on stuff lately & man is it crazy how behind I’m getting.  About 20 releases now that I need to get ready to go.  I don’t even know how this happens.  Folks like Yellow6 & Thorn1 & Goddakk all say, “I have an album ready if you want to put it out.” & I say, “Of course I do,” always forgetting my time restraints.  Then there’s a couple comps & the five in five series.  So anyway, a bunch of things going on soonish.

So I put up a new issue of QRD the other day & I made a Patreon page for QRD (basically a Kickstarter) because while I want to make QRD be going strong again, I feel I can judge by the interest of others if I actually should do that or not.  Been having to do a lot of number crunching lately to see what is & is not sustainable lately as far as what is actually work & what is just a hobby.  What is to be done just when I have spare time & what needs to be done as a priority.  We’ll see how it goes.  It’s been the debate I’m in for 20 years now I guess.

The other day I went ahead & spent $5 on promoting a post about the guitarist comp on Facebook.  According to facebook it gained me 20,000 views & 30 photo likes or whatever.  But to me the whole thing is, “Does it generate income or at least traffic to the website?”  I took the trouble to write down the date when I had the ad & the date when I posted to fifty groups on Facebook about the thing & looking at my stats, the answer is neither thing made days with significantly more traffic.  What did make a day with significantly more traffic was sending out the Silber newsletter.  So now I know that spending 8 hours posting on Facebook groups is a waste of time & spending $5 on an ad is a waste of money.  Which I’m not too surprised by, but I was hopeful would not be true.

So anyway, that’s where I’m at today.  A little low on ideas, but still trying to push through with the hope that “content is king” & just continuing to release good stuff & pay artists what I can.

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