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Hey everybody, hope you are well.  So the poll I posted recently had a few people take part & I was surprised that the number one answer for what people would like to see on the blog was daily tedium about running the label & making art/music.  So here’s today’s stuff.

This past weekend I had a great Saturday afternoon with two Silber-ish visitors, Shane DeLeon of Miss Massive Snowflake & Ben Link Collins.  Hung out & wandered around downtown Sanford & watched my daughter run around the house.  Shane’s on tour supporting his new album which you can find pretty much anywhere online if you look.  Ben was on his way back to Alabama from a camping trip on the outer banks of NC looking at lighthouses for some future art project.  A couple months ago Ben mentioned he was interested in doing some work at Silber again because he was letting his label drift out of existence.  I asked him Saturday about taking on the upcoming 20 year anniversary Remora rarities collection & he agreed to do it.  Now I just need to work on getting him the files he needs.

I have an upcoming Remora show on August 31 that I am planning to do something unique for.  My first plan for it involved collaborating with my friend Dominic in Pittsburgh using his 3D printer, but it ended up not working out.  But I do have a back-up plan for the music (& another back-up if the first back-up doesn’t work), so hopefully that will come to fruition sooner than later.

I got an inexpensive hurdy gurdy & it sounds somewhere between a third grader playing a violin & a cat screaming.  A much bigger learning curve than anticipated on it.

I was cleaning the Silber room today & threw away a bunch of demos from bands from 2005-2009 that I had never got around to listening to.  I feel kind of bad about it, but at least the room is 1/3 presentable for house guests.

I’ve been talking to Jim Baptizer & we’re planning on doing a split release that he’s going to put out with my half being Small Life Form.  It’s kinda funny that at this point SLF has probably played as many shows as Remora in the past 8 years, but the recorded output has been so sparse.  There are plans to rectify that as there are a lot more ideas almost to fruition in the SLF wheelhouse than in the Remora one at the moment.  But we’ll see how much time I find to work on things.  It’s been hard lately to balance life & creativity & that is frustrating, but I do feel like things are getting more balanced.

I got out the emails today to 2800 reviewers, bloggers, djs about the three new releases.  Next up is to post about them in Facebook groups & such & just hope some people care.  Then another batch of releases & another batch & another batch.

Thanks for bothering to care about my work.  It means a lot to me.

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