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Labels, Compilations, Minor Work

So as you may have pieced together by now, Silber is predominantly a record label.  Though at times I do think Silber has little to offer artists in modern times I know that I’m wrong about it.  Sometimes it takes …

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I Hate Video

So I spent a lot of the day trying to figure out how to edit some of the video footage from my show & it’s too big of a pain for me to do it, so I’m going to see …

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2 Responses to I Hate Video

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    do you recall what kind of file it imports as? James’s camera imports MTS and even with all my fancy schmancy gear…unless i upgrade my actual machine i can’t do anything with it.

    • It’s *.mov. I have a couple of folks that are going to try to work on it for me. But I suppose eventually I’ll need to get a camera that outputs to something I can work with or a computer that can work with what the cameras put out….