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Remora, Lost Kisses, QRD, The Outer Limits, Dreams

I finally figured a work around for the Remora video by splicing it into two parts & then stitching them together. So here it is, in all its glory.

I got another rough script for an issue of Lost Kisses …

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XO, Deadpool, Stop Motion, Dreams

I got a third draft of XO #10 done.  I figure I should go ahead & write them when I can & hope Melissa can catch up with drawing after she wins the lottery.

Talking to Nick Marino about changing …

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2 Responses to XO, Deadpool, Stop Motion, Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    good job on the video. the look of it is cool. maybe make the guy move too in the next two minutes you have to fill. ps out of an hour of video i usually wind up with something around 5-8 minutes. so good luck on the rest of that.

  2. There’s another 30 seconds from last night of the paper doll moving around & fighting giant bugs. There’s five versions of the doll in different positions.

    Guess what, I had some trouble getting the lighting to be how I liked. & what I did to accentuate the feel of stop motion when there was essentially no motion was using some slowburn christmas tree lights as off camera accent lights to cause some lighting variation. Oh, & the background is a Silvertone guitar case.