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A Partial Understanding….

So I stumbled across this video.  It kinda helps me understand my problems with Silber these days.  That I’ve lost the feeling of mastery & purpose & being self-directed over the past few years.  That I used to feel like …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i wish this was an essay. it started off interesting to me but then as it went a long i felt like the general message was that people should do what they love and give it away for free and this will make the world a better place (says everybody but the financial industry who will profit and collect fees etc. take advantage of all the opportunities that creates prices that you must pay and the companies that take advantage of the free/lowcosts to profit). I feel like it was video sponsored by TechDirt. Would be great to read the studies i think and

  2. Brian John Mitchell says:

    My favorite part is when the guy says, “why do people make music on the weekends? clearly it won’t get them money or help them find a mate.”

Maker Faire NC, Small Life Form, Electric Bird Noise, Small Bed, Dreams, Existential Dread…

So for those of you in central North Carolina, I have two events going on this weekend.  Friday night is a Small Life Form, Electric Bird Noise, Mister Science, & Bryce Eiman show at The Nightlight.  Saturday I have my …

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