Stuff Done & Stuff I’m Doing

So I got out the rest of the follow-up emails for the Vlor/Aarktica promos.  I just realized as I’m writing this that I need to send some emails out about the Lost Kisses DVD.

Tried to trouble shoot my pedal board & once again it is working fine now & that’s a problem to me.  I’m sure it’ll be break down at the show Thursday.  I’ll pull a The Sea, Like Lead & tell the audience to leave while I figure out what’s wrong with my rig.

Finally got everything good to go with the Carta disc for manufacturing.

Mastered perhaps the last track for the Sarah June record.

Worked on some of my secret guitar collaborations from this past summer.  I’m in a bad mood so I’m not happy with it.

Downloaded the remixes of Aarktica to master.  Hope to get that done in a day or two.

The video version of Just A Man will be playing in various blocks at the Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival in Smithfield, NC Wednesday-Saturday.

I think I’m going to abandon the Vlor MySpace campaign as it seems like while it does generate awareness & interest it does not generate actual sales.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that Silber has been run without putting things that lead to sales as a priority.  When I look at the labels I traditionally respect & say that Silber is modeled after they all have more connections with direct sales or working with stores than Silber does.  The Silber business model was to build relationships with college radio with the idea that college radio folks would go on to run record stores & clubs & become music supervisors & reviewers.  It hasn’t quite worked out.  In fact the only time I remember it working out is when a music director (I believe it was for WFDU) worked for Sirius for a while & got some spins there.   So I need to reorganize.  For the past year & a half I’ve been putting a lot more time into Silber & it seems like I haven’t successfully generated higher sales numbers & I find that pretty disconcerting.  So I’m going to try to wrap my head back around things & regroup, figure out what Silber is doing right & wrong.  Try to build more personal relationships with fans just like Projekt did to me when I was in high school.

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