Star, Rivulets, Ron Paul, mwvm, The Outer Limits, Dreams

Last night the video version of Star was on the big screen at the Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival.  People laughed at the right times & everything, so well received.  Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it before:

From Rivulets, here’s a recent live video from the streets of Europe.

A friend emailed me this Ron Paul video that totally reminds me of Red Dawn.

& here’s a couple videos of mwvm checking out some new equipment:

& here’s an episode of The Outer Limits starring William Shatner:

Last Night’s Dreams:
I have a copy of the Necronomicon & the government is trying to take it away from me to keep it safe.  I know it’s safer with me than in the hands of the government & that ultimately the world is safer still with it destroyed.  In the end I give them a fake copy & keep the real one for myself.

My sixth grade science teacher who was a 22 year old first year teacher has a jam band with a Sun Ra type of jazz edge & all the songs are inspired by The Wizard of Oz.  I’m trying to sit in & jam & I’m using the skull of some dinosaur bird as a didgeridoo blowing into its beak with the sound coming out of the bass of its skull.

There’s a new album by some uber popular hipster band called “At Last Unicorns Speak.”  I like the album title & the cover art, but the music is crap & I can’t even remember the name of the band.

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2 Responses to Star, Rivulets, Ron Paul, mwvm, The Outer Limits, Dreams

  1. goddakkATTACK says:

    that man’s voice on the RPaul video was killing me. Also i think the red dawn remake is with the chineses.