Speed Up So You Can Slow Down

Did some work making the Remora live recording from Tuesday so it’s presentable.  Too much crowd noise at times to be used for certain things, but I was able to edit out the parts where there were glitches from the club not having good enough power.  I guess I’ll do something with it one day.  Also did some stuff for getting the small life form/slicnaton live recording ready for Nic to manipulate a bit.  Once again I’m not sure what the final home for that will be.

I signed up on Discogs for a commerce account at the suggestion of Michael Thomas Jackson & I made a sale today.  So I guess it works.  Sometimes though it feels like I’m getting my fingers in too many pies to keep track of what’s going on.

Got a few more things cooking, we’ll see what’s up.  Still not able to get things going with the comics too well.

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