Somewhat Relevant – Babadook

For the last few years it seems like horror movies are really focused toward gore & torture porn & sexy teenagers.  Maybe that’s always been true & it’s just gotten less appealing to me as I’ve gotten older & the guidelines for what can be put on screen have gotten more relaxed.  At any rate Babadook sounded interesting as the creepy kid genre tends to at least not be oversexualized.  But wow.  The guy who directed The Exorcist said something to the effect of this being the creepiest movie he’d ever seen & I totally get that.  If you like movies like Ringu (The Ring) or Absentia where they know the scariest parts should be left to your imagination, this film is for you.  Also worth noting is that the child actor is decent in that it doesn’t feel like he’s acting & is just a kid with moodswings.  Oh, I suppose it’s worth mentioning it is a boogieman story.  Really, if you like creepy movies you should watch this.

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