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So I finally wrote what I think is an acceptable first draft for the mermaid story for the bottle comics.  I’ll need to get it typed up & sent to Kim Traub for approval & then lay it out still, but it’s well under way now that the first draft is done.  Which means soonish I’ll be launching a Kickstarter about it.

In other comic news, I’ve been doing my best to replenish the display to have stock ready for the upcoming appearance I have at Maker Faire NC.  Basically I need to print up about 500 more books to have a full display, which means I’m about a third done with re-filling the thing after the big sales from the Kickstarter.

The Small Life Form Satsop recordings are finally out on Blondena.  It is the music I recorded in the nuclear cooling towers a couple of years ago.  Free to listen or pay to purchase.

On Finally Checking It Out I reviewed Michael Jackson’s Thriller & the Quatermass TV Series from the 1970s (includes embedded video of the whole thing).

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