Slow & Twisting & Frustrating

If you’ve read the past couple of blog entries, you may have picked up on 2016 not being the banner year I’d hoped for.  So more of that is happening lately.  Been trying to find a day job & it is pretty rough going.  A couple hundred applications in & maybe 5 rejections & the rest as no responses.  I did get one job that sounded cool driving people to doctor appointments that I started last week, but while they made it sound like I’d be getting two or three jobs a day (most of the jobs are an hour long commute each way), so far it’s around two a week.  I did get invited to take the postal exam from an application to work locally & I passed the test, but now I failed to take a second test that I never knew about so that’s not looking super terrific.  But hey, how can I complain?  I had a great run of almost being a successful artist/musician for the last seven & a half years & people say change is good.  I really need the security of a consistent income right now.

Right now I’m trying to get the new releases from Thorn1 & Treyverb ready to go.  Then a bunch of other things including Hotel Hotel, Lum, two comps, & maybe a dozen 5in5s & QRD one day & a few comics.  Thanks for your interest & support, it’s always both needed & appreciated.

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