I fixed up the Small Life Form: Lost Kisses Soundtrack for doing a free digital release, just got to write a little press blurb about it.

Did some mastering of some live Aarktica recordings.  I’m not sure what their final home will be as they date back to the Bleeding Light era & don’t really sound too much like the current album as far as using it as a free EP to promote In Sea.  However I do think they’re interesting to hear given that Aarktica has probably done only about ten shows out of New York & so people don’t know what the live Aarktica sounds like.  I sent them back to Jon to decide what to do with them.

Talked to Nathan Amundson (Rivulets) a bit about the plans for Death in Silberia (the digital only sub-label, presumably launching next month).  Some of the details of the plan keep shifting around a bit, especially as far as price point.  He was saying I should have a price point of $4.99 instead of $5 (I always feel kinda insulted by the whole idea of $0.99 & I think it’s less visually pleasing to see) & probably do away with the idea of prices increasing over time & being free for the first week.  What do you starz think?

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