Talked to the people in charge about the nuclear recordings & it ends up I had the due date wrong, so I’m not going quite as crazy.

I finished sending out the promos to press & radio for the current releases & now I’m working on putting together the digital promos.  Next week I’ll send out the promos for stores.

Started collecting the addresses for sending out the postcards.  Somehow I lost the old file & it’s going to be a bit of a pain to change the data from how it is in my database to what it needs to print them.

I really need to get on the ball getting the word out as I haven’t really posted anything at all as yet.  So over the next week you might see the info on various newsgroups & forums.

I also need to contact folks about the Christmas comp &/or decide if I’m going to actually do it.

I got a check for this quarter’s advertisement links on QRD. $5!  I don’t even know what percentage of the links work these days.  I wonder if anyone makes money off of the Google program.  I think I’ve had it up for maybe two years & am up to $13.65.  Nobody clicks those things!  & I can’t get paid until it makes it to $100.  Maybe you can use as your homepage & use that Google search & I’ll get to $100 by 2012.

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