Silber Sounds of Halloween

Thought I’d updated this before.

New releases by Plumerai & Origami Arktika are out now.  Also….

Silber Sounds of Halloween various artists – Silber Sounds of Halloween
MP3 compilation 2006 | Silber 065
30 tracks, 130 minutes

free download from

So it has been a little while since something in our free comp series has gotten out of our control. We were like, “Hey, let’s do a Halloween comp & do an open call for entries!” So we ended up with thirty tracks & over two hours of music. Also just a little too short in time to manufacture compact discs. So that’s why this time there are no physical copies at all. Just available on this thing called the internet.

Complete artist roster:
Lycia, Peter Aldrich, Bryce Eiman, Glissade, The Undermasks, Planet Cock, Rachel Goldstar, Miss Massive Snowflake, The Wades, Robin Crutchfield, Attrition, Sorry Welcome, Arbus, Tara Vanflower, Remora, Paolo Messere/Kiddycar, The Elysium Facade, Promute, Lauri des Marais, The Zanzibar Snails, Ocean City Defender, Cam Butler, Not Them, Gorgons, Small Life Form, Drats!!!, Mars Field, Thisquietarmy, Port City Music, Electric Bird Noise

: Press release
: more info

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