Silber Records – buy one get one free (Lycia, Rollerball, Aarktica, etc)

Hey Kidz,


I hope you’re all doing well & that you all have a good Thanksgiving.


It’s closing in on the end of the year, & we’re trying to clear some space for the releases that will be coming out early next year.  So we’re offering the biggest sale we’ve ever had to help make room.  Our entire back catalog is buy-one-get-one-free, go to for full info.  All releases from 2004 & prior qualify, including releases by Aarktica, If Thousands, Kobi, Lycia, Clang Quartet, Remora, & Rollerball.  This sale is only good until December 5 & the discs should be able to arrive in time for the holidays.


Speaking of the holidays, both of our Christmas compilations are available for free on our download page at


Thanks for your interest & support, it means a lot to us.



Brian John Mitchell

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