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Hey Kidz,

Well, as you may already know, we’ve had a lot going on lately.  So here we go….

Our favorite free-jazz stars Rollerball are on tour in Italy in support of their new record Catholic Paws/Catholic Pause & in addition to this, they’ve also released a free downloadable EP that you can check out here.
: Listen to the track Erzulie
: More info

The out of print releases by Remora Amerse, Ambient Drones, & the collaboration with Clang Quartet Cemented in Stone are all available now for free download.  Also Remora’s recent disc Enamored is getting some reviews like this one:
Enamored is Remora’s first release in four years. There are really nice swirly guitar drones throughout this release, (this cd reminds me of Ionia-era Lycia). Silber Media seems to be rather consistent at finding and culling these gems of sound collage from their artists throughout their short history. The shoegazer genre should take heed of this label, as should the ambient-industrial artists. The standout most dreamy songs on this release are “the one I’ve been waiting for” and “Arena”. What with Jamie Barnes and Jon DeRosa helping to hone down from over 100 pieces, this album plays hard and fast with the general “album concept” and creates what seems more like a greatest hits of a “timeless band” from a band with almost no cd back catalogue. I only wish that bands like Remora would be picked to open for Death in June while they are on their tour so that their audience can see and hear the similarities between the old school Neo-folk and up and coming Ambient-Apocalyptic genres in this five year old new millennium.
~ Azrael Racek, Gothic Revue
: Listen to the track The One I’ve Been Waiting For
: More info

Jamie Barnes has been doing a few live shows in the mid-west supporting his new album Honey from the Ribcage.  Here’s a recent review:
Gosh, what a great album. I first heard the name Jamie Barnes late last year when Silber records offered a free online compilation of their artists performing Christmas songs and songs related to Christmas & winter. Silber records describe Jamie’s music as ‘American bedroom pop,’ which is a bit of an odd description and I think it may throw some people off as to what Jamie actually does with his music. If truth were to be told I really don’t know how to describe his music to well either or what the popular term would be explain this guys music, but one thing is for sure and that is that Jamie make’s some great music.
Jamie’s songs are basically mellow acoustic guitar songs that remind me of artists like Low and Sophia (the American one) with influences from pop, folk, and country music. The songs primarily consist of just Jamie’s voice and acoustic guitar, but throughout the album instruments like banjo, keyboards, glockenspiel, melodica, sitar, tabla, ocarina, and drums make occasional appearances as well. Jamie has a very delicate soft soothing voice that fits these rich songs to well, and his somewhat obscure lyrics really come to life and make total sense as he sings his heart out. The songs are generally rather tranquil in nature while some are a bit more disheartening, and some are a bit more up tempo, and really get my foot tapping well.
The album as a whole it really just excellent, but the songs ‘Red Prescription’ & ‘Pearly gate & son pest control’ stand out the most for me. ‘Red Prescription’ is a soft, melancholic, and really beautiful catchy song about Jamie’s addiction to prescription drugs. His voice, guitar playing, the keyboards, and harmonious in this song are just so heartfelt that it practically brings a tear to my eye each time I listen to this cordial song. On the other hand ‘Pearly gate & son pest control’ is one of the more up
tempo songs on the record, which again is very catchy and genuine sounding and will easily get caught in your mind after just one listen. I’m also relatively fond of the songs ‘All these things are so’ & ‘Three suns,’ but again the whole album is quite admirable overall.
When all’s said and done if you enjoy mellow acoustic songs with a variety of influences and a variety of instruments than be sure to have a listen to Jamie Barnes’ latest album Honey from the Ribcage.
~ Blackwinged, Lunar Hypnosis
: Listen to the track Three Suns
: More info

Tara Vanflower’s new record is doing well of course.  Here’s a sample review:
Wow…this is some pretty wild stuff. Best known for her work with the band Lycia, Tara Vanflower first ventured out on her own with the album This Womb Like Liquid Honey. This is the follow up. Tara might best be described as an experimental vocalist. Her vocals recall avante garde artists like Yoko Ono, Jarboe, and Emily Hay. Vanflower recorded everything on My Little Fire-Filled Heart herself. This is a haunting and peculiar album that is geared toward a very small but enlightened audience. If you’re seeking something that sounds familiar, take our word for it. This ain’t it. The compositions on this album are dreamy and hypnotic. They were not recorded for the purpose of making money nor were they made to entertain the general population. Vanflower experiments with her voice and with sounds. The resulting recordings reflect her disregard for fame and fortune. Thus, while Fire-Filled Heart may be a commercial disaster…artistically it is a resounding success. Strangely distant and unfamiliar territory. EXCELLENT.
~ Babysue

Funeral News
October 31, 2004. “How many are there for the deceased?”, October 1, 2015. “How many are there for the deceased?”, October 1, 2015. “The number of American patients with metastatic stage cancer is now about 30,000,” said William Stapleton, MD, director of cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Dr. Stapleton said the number of patients with metastatic stage cancer is about 60,000.

On Monday, September 11-20, 2004, at 8:48 a.m., a female person with metastatic stage cancer, Cervarix femoris, of Boston, Mass., was killed while her mother and friends had lunch at the Boston Public Library along with her 4-month-old stepson, Aylan. She was 69-years-old, with a brain tumor that caused swelling of her brain, the family said.

On Monday April 16, 2004, an 18-year-old Maryland girl, who was admitted to a Massachusetts hospital and was in critical condition, died in her home at the age of 29. The death came two days earlier during an early morning walk-up to the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) when she began receiving medication and was admitted to an outpatient clinic for a “serious case of pneumonia.” If you want to know more please go to Newrest Funeral website.

: Listen to the track I Lost the Moon
: More info

Out May 2nd is Lycia’s Estrella.  It’s been remastered from the original recordings by Mike VanPortfleet himself.
: Listen to the track El Diablo
: More info

Kobi’s new disc DRONESYNDROME is out for manufacturing & will probably be released in June.  More info on that one next time.

If Thousands is in the studio recording a stylistic follow up to Lullaby.  It will be coming out this summer.

If you didn’t already know, Aarktica’s latest disc Bleeding Light was released by Darla, but as always you can get it from us along with the other Aarktica releases.

I think that’s about it.  We’ve done a bit of work on improving the website to make it load a little faster & navigate a little easier.  Let us know what you think.  Thanks for your support.

Brian John Mitchell

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