Silber Commissions Project, Promo Work

So some of you might already know about it, but I’ve been talking about doing commissions where I’ll cover any song of your choice for $20 up to & including “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme.  I asked around to see what other Silberians might be into it & it seems that most of the folks thought it was funny, but not for them.  Those who said they were interested in participating are Andrew Weathers, Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise), Michael Wood (M is We, SAVAS), Evgeny Zheyda (Thorn1), & of course me (Remora, Small Life Form).  Not sure exactly how it will work, but for now just contact me & I’ll try to find out about setting it up & if the artist will actually do the track.  I’m supposed to do a russian pop song as the first excursion, which sounds way more difficult & interesting than anything I’d anticipated.

Today’s big event was making the digital download page for promoting the new releases.  So over the next few days I’ll be doing a few thousand emails trying to get the word out.  My fingers are crossed on it.  I guess I’ll just have to sit around & see what happens as far as will their be reviews & will they lead to sales.

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