Silber Christmas 2017

Hey Starz,

I hope all is well.  Still recovering in life here.  I replaced a big chunk of the kitchen floor due to busted water pipe & of course now new weak spots are developing around the rest of the kitchen floor.  It’s enough to make you feel like renting is a better deal than home ownership, but rebuilding things like that does kinda make me bond with the home in the same way that sleeping in the car & putting in 200,000 miles on tour with my beloved & deceased Escort made me bond with that car. Meanwhile, still dealing with the pre-school plague.  So still catching up, but we got nine Christmas releases ready now (more info below or go to or on Spotify & new music from Chvad SB, & maybe Space Sweeper & Small Life Form super soon & Azalia Snail in the new year.


2016 Christmas Bundle 2017 Christmas Bundle
Download all 8 EPs & the compilation for just $8 (Half Price!)!

For Christmas 2017 we have 8 EPs from Electric Bird Noise, Yellow6, Small Life Form/Remora/Heavy for the Vintage/Philip Polk Palmer, Nonconnah, Lullabier, Baptizer, Hyperborean Echoes, & Dusty Tears plus the Experimental Christmas double compilation. Get them all for a discounted bundle of joy.

Various Artists - Experimental Christmas Series One Part One
Various Artists - Experimental Christmas Series One Part Two
Various Artists – Experimental Christmas Series One Parts One and Two
MP3 Compilation 2017 | Silber 259
18 tracks, 73 minutes
$5 download
Listen on Bandcamp to Part One
Listen on Bandcamp to Part One

The Experimental Christmas Show is an artistic communal experience created in 2008 by Adrian Wilson as part of his Maya Presents shows & expanding as an annual mini-tour across North Carolina in 2014. It’s primarily a musical event, but has incorporated & is always open to consciousness-expanding short-plays, art shows, stand-up comedy, performance art, etc. The musical expression is usually “noise” or “experimental” in nature, but with strange open ears the event has included banjo players, kora players, accordion players, trumpeters, etc. as well as musicians who have unnamable instruments of their own creation.

: Press Release

Track Listing:
Series One Point One
Knives of Spain – Winter (Ancient Music)
Small Life Form – Old Style #7
deathstar flux – Existentialist Waltz
subterrene – haunted, ghosting
Corneius F Van Stafrin III – Manifest Clairvoyant Ecstasis
The Sound of Square Triangles – Mutation 7.1
Nonconnah – This is Anti-Music
Clang Quartet – Escape from Herod
Series One Point Two
Remora – O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Spookstina – Winter Underland
Bryce Eiman – Promise & Myth
Tristan Brooks – i can’t predict the ghost of christmas past actions
bLIND iNFANCY – Waking the Living (mixdown 2)
Quilla – Sacred Field
Orphling – My Mother’s Dreams
Adrian Wilson – Trash Can Lid Lullaby
Bret Hart – Xmas on Saturn

Nonconnah - Running to the Red (merry6mas 2017) Nonconnah – Winter EP ’17
MP3 EP 2017 | Silber 255
5 tracks, 22 minutes
$1 download
Listen on Bandcamp | Listen on Spotify

Nonconnah is back with what we hope to be an ongoing annual series of Winter EPs here at Silber. Shoegaze, minimalism, & field recordings echoing through a tunnel in the ice. Can you escape before everything collapses?

: Press Release
: Digital Booklet

Track Listing:
When You Sank Into The Leaf-Strewn Earth
When The Blackbirds Formed An Inverted Cross
When Your Hands Trembled As You Watched The Barren Fields
When The Ceiling Hit The Floor As The Barn Collapsed Around You
You Said “The Snow Is Like Amnesia. I’m Forgetting Everything”

Yellow6 - Running to the Red (merry6mas 2017) Yellow6 – Running to the Red (merry6mas 2017)
MP3 Album 2017 | Silber 254
13 tracks, 77 minutes
$1 download
Listen on Bandcamp | Listen on Spotify

The 19th in the ongoing series of merry6mas releases from Yellow6 composed of material recorded during 2017 that ends the year with no other home than this collection. Nearly 20 years in, do we still need to tell you that Yellow6 is post-angst guitar driven ambient?

: Digital Booklet

Track Listing:
later that evening (running)
6 x VI
we should be building bridges not walls
lo-fi loop junky #2
full moon
The Guildford Loop
looking glass (piano)
summer rain
summer skies
the next day
when is the day
later that evening 2 (running to the red)

Hyperborean Echoes - A Yule Offering Hyperborean Echoes – A Yule Offering
MP3 EP 2017 | Silber 251
3 tracks, 19 minutes
$1 download
Listen on Bandcamp | Listen on Spotify

Mesmerizing aural memories from a land of giants.

Track Listing:
Yule Bells
The Wanderer Brings Gifts

Electric Bird Noise - nam wen eht fo htrib Electric Bird Noise – nam wen eht fo htrib
MP3 EP 2017 | Silber 249
1 tracks, 21 minutes
$1 download
Listen on Bandcamp | Listen on Spotify

Electric Bird Noise returns with a 21 minute journey of loop driven ambient & claustrophobic guitar exploration. Elevator music for art galleries… really creepy art galleries.

Track Listing:
nam wen eht fo htrib

Baptizer - Crisis of the Modern World Baptizer – Crisis of the Modern World
MP3 EP 2017 | Silber 252
2 tracks, 18 minutes
$1 download
Listen on BandcampListen on Spotify

Baptizer explores the unfolding of the present dark age as a prelude to the return of the King. Other than vocals by Baptizer’s six and eight year old sons, the only sound source is a 5u analog synthesizer. Droning tension for the final credits of the end of the world.

Track Listing:
Crisis of the Modern World
Prelude to the Return of the King

Lullabier - 2512 Lullabier – 2512
MP3 EP 2017 | Silber 258
4 tracks, 14 minutes
$1 download
Listen on Bandcamp

A collection of Christmas songs from Lullabier, the covers personally translated by Andrea to make them more his own.

: Digital Booklet

Track Listing:
Natale A Ceneda (feat. Faro)
Natale A Serravalle
White Dizziness (Acoustic)
With A Star (Brian John Mitchell Remix)

Dusty Tears - Dusty Christmas Dusty Tears – Dusty Christmas
MP3 EP 2017 | Silber 253
3 tracks, 10 minutes
$1 download
Listen on Bandcamp | Listen on Spotify

Dusty Tears is Jamie Smith (Danghead) & Shane de Leon (Miss Massive Snowflake). They formed in 2016 after Smith’s daughter stated that her freshly dyed hair smelled like “dusty tears”, though the two first played together in Billings, Montana in 1987. For Dusty Tears return to Silber with Dusty Christmas, Smith & de Leon record content looping Morricone soundscapes alongside Dinosaur Jr. guitar burnings. A mix of vocal, instrumental, electronic & acoustic instrumentation, strong melodic wanderings, & inspired lyrics. It’s Christmas, wipe those tears away & put your sweater on.

Track Listing:
Fat Wallet
Dream Within a Nightmare
All My Love

Various Artists - Silent Nights Various Artists – Silent Nights
MP3 EP 2017 | Silber 256
4 tracks, 14 minutes
$1 download
Listen on Bandcamp
| Listen on Spotify

Four versions of the Christmas classic “Silent Night” – electroclash, ambient, & cacophonic mashups from Heavy for the Vintage, Philip Polk Palmer, Remora, & Small Life Form.

Track Listing:
Silent Night (Heavy for the Vinage)
Silent Night (Philip Polk Palmer)
Silent Night (Remora)
Silent Night (Small Life Form)

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