Sarah June, Clang Quartet, Star, Goddakk, & a Dream

So it seems like things might be going Silber’s way on the Sarah June front.  She’s a finalist for a contest as “up & coming artist to watch” for the Grammys.  She’s got a brand new interview up at Culturespill.  Then there’s the new video for “Judgment Day.”

In addition I just finished up the first attempt at the artwork for her remix EP, so that is getting really close to ready to come to you as well.

I got an email from Scotty Irving & we’re going to be doing a live Clang Quartet EP soon.  The audio is mixed & mastered, we just need to work up the artwork.

I got a video version for Star #1 from Martin Newman, I’ll post it up pretty soon.  I also got some artwork from Martin for the new Goddakk that I need to work on.

As I mentioned earlier Darren Hayman is doing a song a day for January.  I’m realizing watching the results that I really like the behind the scenes videos more than the songs themselves.  So it makes me think, “Maybe I should do something like this.”  Because in a way it is what the blog is theoretically, but I think videos come across as more fun than a blog.  I was about to try to use Xtranormal to make a video version of this blog entry, but it ends up that’s now a charge service.  Crap.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m working for some up & coming mobsters.  I’ve been working for them for years.  I’m basically a bartender & sometimes I help with serving food at parties.  There’s this young dumb kid at the party tonight who’s a server.  I like him because he seems like a naive version of me.  Then I overhear one of the mobsters talking about how they are literally going to kill the kid to make an example of him because he has a $50,000 debt to them.  I’m torn if I should worn the kid to help him get away or just mind my own business.

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One Response to Sarah June, Clang Quartet, Star, Goddakk, & a Dream

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    I knew about the Hayman thing but never got around to actually listening. Til today, maybe i should review it for the Finally çhecking it out blog but watching the videos makes me think somebody should hire him to write songs for Sesame Street. Also…if you haven’t maybe check out his Protons and Neutrons video.