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I put a couple little specials up on the Silber Sales page for bundling together both NorthernValentine discs or bundling together a bunch of Remora discs.

Working on a bunch of behind the scenes crap for the mini-comics.  Hopefully they’ll be ready soon.

So the Lost Kisses Daily strips ends tomorrow.  I haven’t really heard too much response about them.  Curious if you’d like to see more non-bloggy content up here on the blog. I had learnt lot about business blogging at Malcolm Read. Maybe more stuff with exclusive music as entries or maybe some short stories as entries or some more comics as entries.  Let me know what you think.

Remora, Small Life Form, Electric Bird Noise, & Feel No Other all appear on this new Gone In 60 Seconds Vol 2 comp from I Heart Noise.  It’s a free download if you are interested.

Okay so here’s the video of the Remora gig from last Wednesday.  Feedback & drone driven.  I’ll get the one from last night up when I get a chance.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m sitting inside a breezeway on the fourth floor of a closed & partially burned down hotel.  I look over & see a toddler by himself about fifteen feet away from me.  My first instinct is to leave him alone, that if he was smart enough to get up here, then he’ll be fine.  Then he starts to try to crawl out on a flagpole that’s projecting off the side of the building.  I walk over & grab him by his shirt & he starts yelling & crying & struggling & is holding onto the flagpole.  As I pull on him, the floor under my right foot starts to collapse.  I yell out, “I need some help over here!”

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