sadder days

Things seem to be starting to roll along.

Got the approval for the Electric Bird Noise blurb sticker & stickered all the promos.

Got a call from Shane at Starbage Hands & the Hotel Hotel discs are going to be shipping on Monday.

Started work on the grant application for the proposed tour in China.

Started looking into the possibility of also having an Australian tour.

Fixed up some bits on the Hotel Hotel press release for a second draft (pending band approval).

Wrote some more of the promo letters for the packages.

Got a confirmation from Melissa Gardner that she’s going to commit to XO5 & that the art for 4 should be here by the week’s end (expect a new avatar here on MySpace).

Worked on the nuclear tower Small Life Form recordings a bit.  Cleaning up a little noise & boosting signals of the raw files so they’ll be ready for mixing.  Unfortunately there seemed to be a short somehow on the guitar I was using as a microphone & it had a little click noise about every two seconds.  Still 4 usable tracks to mix from & six pieces.  So it should edit into something cohesive pretty easily.  At least as cohesive as my music gets.

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