QRD & some other stuff

I got three of the sets of interview questions off today for the next QRD.  Just two more left to do.  It’s nice to get something done everyday.  So that’s the story there.

Thinking about shopping the collaboration of Small Life Form & slicnaton to a few labels larger than Silber.  I kinda feel like I can’t do much to get a release to people who don’t already know about Silber so I should try to work with another label & it could only help with the back catalog.  I don’t know.  Part of it too is having a lot of releases theoretically coming out & questionable volumes of income to finance them.  If I don’t get a bite I can put it out on Silber of course anyway.

The new Remora stickers are on the way.  I love it when I don’t pay for a rush job but it’s done faster than the rush guarantee anyway.

Trying to get some things situated about the Remora April tour, always more complicated than it seems….


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